Sometimes, but not often, a car comes along that blows your expectations into another orbit entirely.|

 Like, all the way to Mars. That would be the 2018 BMW M5.

It could easily have been just another high-powered, four-door M-car with the same understated Q-car looks, a bit more grunt, and all the latest gadgetry and safety tech you’d expect of a new-generation model. And frankly, that’s what we half-expected of this sixth-generation M5.

Don’t get me wrong, the BMW M5 has been a celebrated icon for decades, ever since the company came up with the simple but nonetheless effective idea of transforming its standard mid-size luxury sedan into a high-powered giant killer.

The first car to get the M-treatment was the M535i based on the E12-series car and the precursor to the original and full-house M5. It was based on the E28 series and hand-built off the 535i chassis, but added a modified version of the BMW M1 engine to become the fastest production sedan in the world at the time.