The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has been a massive hit with consumers. As a result of this, a new report suggests that customers may have to wait a full four years for one to be delivered.

As Best Car Web reports, the reason for this is also partly due to the ongoing semiconductor crisis which saw the manufacturer cut production by 40 per cent for this month. It turns out that the Land Cruiser 300 was the worst affected.

Since it was officially unveiled, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has been delivered to 20 000 customers. Dealers in Japan have started alerting upcoming customers that the wait for new models at this point could be two to three years but it’s likely that this will expand to four years in due time.

The Japanese publication hints that the massive demand could also be due to resellers and exporters that are trying to make a profit on the popular 4×4 SUV. It’s hinted by an unnamed representative of Toyota that these unofficial tradesmen may be purchasing the higher trim Toyota Land Cruiser ZX in bulk to sell at a profit in markets where this is a popular choice. One such market that has been identified is the Middle East.

Since then, until recently, the countermeasures have been to encourage the customer to purchase installment payments such as residual value setting credits, residual value deferred type and regular loans instead of cash, in addition to the one-year resale prohibition consent form. In the case of installment purchases, the dealer holds the ownership until the payment is completed, which can prevent resale.

Of the aforementioned 20 000 units sold, Toyota has confirmed that 90 per cent are ZX and GR Sport trim. The petrol engine option also comprises 60 per cent of its total sales thus far.

Source: Carmag

We’ve seen 2 or 3 of these on the roads already. Will you be willing to wait this long for it? Or will you be picking up a nice used LC 200 V8 instead?