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Levies explained These fuel levies are mainly in the form of two indirect taxes: the General Fuel Levy, and the Road Accident Fund (RAF) Levy. The increases to these levies was announced by former Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba in his Budget Speech in February, but only came into effect at the beginning of the month. Ahead of the announcement by the then Finance Minister, the AA warned that any increase above inflation will hurt the poorest of the poor in the country. This is because many people rely on public transport which, if the price of fuel increases, will need to recover these costs by passing them on to consumers. Another factor to consider is that increases to fuel prices means goods transport across the country also become more expensive as operators seek to recover the increases by again passing these on to consumers. Essentially, in our view, more expensive fuel ...
Following the African National Congress’s statement pleading with the government to ease fuel levies and taxes, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has addressed the issue of petrol prices at the Union Buildings on Thursday. Ramaphosa’s political party requested an increase in petrol reserves, freezing or decreasing the fuel levy, and stabilising governance and finances at the Road Accident Fund, PetroSA and Central Energy Fund. This impassioned plea comes following record high fuel hikes, with another rise in price expected next month. South Africans are now paying over R16 per liter following a 26c hike this week. Read: Petrol price: SA group warns of national shutdown over increases Amid threats of a national shutdown surrounding unaffordable fuel, President Ramaphosa addressed journalists outside the Union Buildings on Thursday, BusinessTech reports. “We, as a go ...
Downsizing doesn’t have to mean going slower. Here are South Africa’s fastest 4-cylinder cars in the new vehicle market... and some of the models on this list might surprise you. Emissions regulations might have made engines smaller, but they haven’t made cars slower. Legislate a change and engineers simply show how much cleverer they are, by extracting more power and performance from engine sizes and configurations your grandparents could never imagine. The result of downsizing has been a proliferation of exceptionally powerful 4-cylinder engines, produced mostly by German manufacturers. This was not always the case, of course. Fifteen years ago, the only true 4-cylinder performance cars you could buy – capable of annoying supercar owners for a few hundred meters – were Japanese, from Subaru and Mitsubishi. In 2018, even Subaru’s once unrivaled WRX STi is no longer a top-5 fastest ...
  Sometimes, but not often, a car comes along that blows your expectations into another orbit entirely.|  Like, all the way to Mars. That would be the 2018 BMW M5. It could easily have been just another high-powered, four-door M-car with the same understated Q-car looks, a bit more grunt, and all the latest gadgetry and safety tech you’d expect of a new-generation model. And frankly, that’s what we half-expected of this sixth-generation M5. Don’t get me wrong, the BMW M5 has been a celebrated icon for decades, ever since the company came up with the simple but nonetheless effective idea of transforming its standard mid-size luxury sedan into a high-powered giant killer. The first car to get the M-treatment was the M535i based on the E12-series car and the precursor to the original and full-house M5. It was based on the E28 series and hand-built off the 535i chassis, but a ...
Owning a car that tells you exactly how much range it has left can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’re prone to delaying refueling for as long as possible.On a mission to see just how accurate the predicted range of a car is, Australian comedians and radio hosts Hamish and Andy jumped behind the wheel of an Audi SQ5.The duo commenced their test as soon as the Audi’s range dropped to 0 km and didn’t expect to be on the road for much longer. They were very wrong.As the minutes ticked by, the punchy SUV continued to soldier on, storming past the 20 km (12 mile) and 50 km (31 mile) marks. Remarkably, the SUV kept on going, eventually coming to a halt some 111.9 km (69.5 miles) after indicating it had a range of 0 km.Importantly, it’s worth noting that the test was carried out at highway speeds and city driving wouldn’t have allowed for such a generous range. What’s more, runn ...
Ever since production of the P1 ended, supercar enthusiasts have been wondering what McLaren would do next to fill the void left in its flagship Ultimate Series. The answer came, in part, with the announcement of the BP23 project, although now Woking has announced another model in the pipeline, and it sounds really exciting. Little in the way of details were disclosed, but the manufacturer says that the as-yet unnamed new model will be “the most extreme, track-concentrated road car McLaren has yet designed.” Slated to be street-legal but focused on track performance, the vehicle's “daily usability is being sacrificed to give the most intensive driver experience around a circuit,” according to the statement released by the automaker. “Its design, described as brutal, will be the purest expression yet of the company’s ‘form follows function’ philosophy.” That all sounds pretty ...
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