Jeep’s global boss has confirmed there are no immediate plans to build the new Grand Wagoneer in right-hand-drive form.

Christian Meunier, global president of the Jeep brand, told Australian media that the fresh-faced seven-seater SUV previewed by a September 2020 concept would be produced in left-hand drive only, for the time being.

“For now, it’s not on the table,” Meunier said, according to “I think we will focus on the three-row Grand Cherokee, which is already a pretty substantial, pretty big SUV,” he added.

Meunier explained the gap would be at least partly filled by this new Grand Cherokee L.

“We’ll deliver high performance with this thing [the Grand Cherokee L]. We’ll cover some of the market with this product that potentially Grand Wagoneer could have done,” he said.

Still, Meunier added “nothing is off the table” long term, even though “other right-hand drive markets are not really interested” in the vehicle.

“There’s no market for that product in Tokyo or London. It makes it extremely hard to justify,” he pointed out.


Pictured: A 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Pictured: A concept version of the Grand Wagoneer with Wooden Panels on the sides. (a throwback the the original 80’s model)

The new Grand Wagoneer – billed as a “rebirth of a classic and premium American icon – is scheduled to start rolling off the assembly line in Michigan in 2021.

So what do you think… Would it sell in SA?