The thought of driving a new car is enticing, but new cars aren’t cheap and buyers need to exercise financial awareness before committing to a new car purchase. There is however great value to be found in the used car market and depending on what car you have your eyes on, opting for a used car will not only solve your need for mobility but often makes more financial sense too. Here are 2 major reasons you should consider buying a used car…

Cars, especially new cars, exert a strange force on humans. They have the power to cripple our common sense and manipulate our decision-making process. Before you know it, you are driving your dream car off a showroom floor, forgetting, perhaps just for a moment, that you can’t actually afford it. Does this sound like you?

New car prices have risen sharply in the last 18 months, so much so that many buyers are unable to afford the new car of their choice and have been forced to shop down. For those willing to forego buying a new car, the used car market has much to offer buyers in terms of value but due to the high demand for quality used cars and generally used car prices have also risen as a result. In the current economic climate, buying a used car is a sensible choice, here are 2 major reasons why…


Pictured: Four Toyota 4x4s at Botha & Deysel’s “Bakkie Day”

1. Affordability

Affordability is the main reason to consider buying a used car, but it’s by no means the only factor. A used car is considerably cheaper than a new car because (in most cases) the brunt of depreciation has already been absorbed by the previous owner. Here’s a nice example; to buy a brand new Volvo XC60 D5 Momentum would set you back at least R912 600, yet an equivalent 2018 model with relatively low mileage can be had for approximately R700k. That’s a big win for the used car buyer! More than this, it will also be cheaper to finance and insure a used car (due to the lower purchase price) and you may even benefit from the carry-over warranty and maintenance plan.

There is a perception that used cars are of sub-standard quality, and in some cases they are, but the reality is that there are thousands of quality used cars on offer that can save you a lot of money. Also keep in mind that very often the value of optional extras are not accurately reflected in used car prices, so you may actually get more than you bargained for.

2. More Choice

The used car market opens up a wide range of options to the used car buyer. Couldn’t afford that glitzy SUV you’ve always wanted? Well, now you possibly can. Just take your time and shop around… The fact that used cars are cheaper than new cars gives buyers much more choice and freedom.


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